Pivotal GemFire® v8.2

load-balance gateway-sender

load-balance gateway-sender

Causes the specified gateway sender to close its current connections and reconnect to remote gateway receivers in a more balanced fashion.

Use this command to load balance connections between gateway senders to receivers. For example, when you add a new gateway receiver node at a remote site, execute this command so that the new gateway receiver can pick up connections from the specified gateway sender. Invoking this command redistributes a sender's connections more evenly among all the gateway receivers.

Note: This command has no effect on ping connections.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.

load-balance gateway-sender --id=value
Table 1. Parameters
Name Description
--id Required. ID of the Gateway Sender.
Example Commands:
load-balance gateway-sender --id=sender1-LN
Sample Output:
load-balance gateway-sender --id=ny
                 Member             | Result | Message
  --------------------------------- | ------ |--------------------------------------------------------------------------
boglesbymac(ln-1:88651)<v2>:48277 | OK     | GatewaySender ny is rebalanced on member boglesbymac(ln-1:88651)<v2>:48277
boglesbymac(ln-4:88681)<v5>:42784 | OK     | GatewaySender ny is rebalanced on member boglesbymac(ln-4:88681)<v5>:42784
boglesbymac(ln-3:88672)<v4>:43675 | OK     | GatewaySender ny is rebalanced on member boglesbymac(ln-3:88672)<v4>:43675
boglesbymac(ln-2:88662)<v3>:12796 | OK     | GatewaySender ny is rebalanced on member boglesbymac(ln-2:88662)<v3>:12796