Pivotal GemFire® v8.2

upgrade offline-disk-store

upgrade offline-disk-store

Upgrade offline disk-stores used in Pivotal GemFire 6.5 or 6.6 installations to a format that is compatible with Pivotal GemFire or Pivotal GemFire 7.0 or later.

If the disk store is large, additional memory may need to be allocated to the process using the --J=-Xmx### parameter.

Availability: Offline.

upgrade offline-disk-store --name=value --disk-dirs=value(,value)* 
[--max-oplog-size=value] [--J=value(,value)*]
Table 1. Parameters
Name Description Default Value
--name Required. Name of the offline disk store to be upgraded.  
--disk-dirs Required. Directories where data for the disk store was previously written.  
--max-oplog-size Maximum size (in megabytes) of the oplogs created by the upgrade. A value of -1 indicates that there is no maximum size limit for oplogs. -1
--J Arguments passed to the Java Virtual Machine performing the upgrade operation on the disk store.  
Example Commands:
upgrade offline-disk-store --name=DiskStore1 --disk-dirs=/Disks/DiskStore1
upgrade offline-disk-store --name=DiskStore1 --disk-dirs=/Disks/DiskStore1 --J=-DXmx512